Creamly. Giving voice to the most honest skincare

We asked Alena, a founder of Creamly to talk with us about her experience of the rebranding process and the results that she got:

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Brand design

“They say beauty is only skin deep. My brand is soul deep.

I arrived on Pocket Rocket’s doorstep with a product that was pure at heart. With a purpose as clear as its ingredients list, Creamly was created to simplify the journey to self-adoration.

"Let's make self-love not just a destination but a delightful detour”, — said I and crafted the ultimate skincare solution that is now boasting a European Union Certificate of Quality.

I looked for like-minded partners who would share my mission: why burden your life with myriad products when a select few from my line could do the dance?


Skinimalistic Perfectionism.

Skinimalism isn't just a trend; it's a lifestyle. In a world where skincare routines are as complex as a quantum physics, Creamly emerged with a radical truth: less is more.

With a mission to declutter your crammed wash bag and your skin's life, Creamly became the champion of the 'skinimalist' movement.


A True

The agency worked their alchemy, and OMG. The essence of my vision began to radiate from every jar, every dollop, every swipe.



Creamly's packaging got a facelift, while its brand voice became silky smooth. And - wow - did it turn heads!

A tired silver look was polished to a glossy, colourful finish, ready to face the world with renewed confidence. The new labels leapt out like balloons at a party — bright, simple, clean, and to the point. The jargon was ditched to embrace minimalism. Because, when it comes to skin — transparency is key. The brand's commitment to femininity remained, but also flirted with the idea of neutral tones to embrace the whole family.


Confident. Clear. Funky.
That’s How We Roll.
From Now on.


Honestly, are you kidding me? Pfft.

Honest to its pores, Creamly always had the substance, the quality, and the soul. But the brand strategy was like a wrinkle that needed smoothing over.

I must admit - I was a skeptic. I thought our quality would shine on its own. But the agency, bless their persistent hearts, wouldn't take no for an answer.

With radiant gratitude, CREAMLY Creator & Owner
(who’s now a believer in strategic makeovers).


Weesp, The Netherlands

PRA Project Team:

Design & Art Direction: Anna Protsenko
Illustrator: Aleksandra Dobrzyńska
Brand Strategy: Nikita Shumakov
Creative Direction: Denis Trusila
Project Manager: Marina Beketova
Creative Copywriter: Marianna Mukhametzyanova
3D & Motion: Nadzeya Dziameshchyk, Arseni Shautsou
Pre-press Designer: Alexandra Bujko
Research & Strategy Associate: Kseniya Voskresenskaya
Case Study Copywriter: Natasha Teddy