The objectives were to shift the company's image from that of "engineers on outsourcing" to that of "experts on consulting" and to recruit individuals with a long-term commitment to the business. All of their actions, words, and appearance are motivated by a single idea. The trait that Exposit admires most in others is openness to new ideas and perspectives. They are curious programmers who delve extensively into issues, products, and companies.

Our group determined the most effective approach to the business challenge at hand, which led to the development of Market & Business Research, Brand platform & strategy, Brand implementation & management, and a design system.
Exposit is a custom software development firm that places a premium on advanced technology to help you meet your long-term business objectives.
In addition to retail, their areas of expertise also include computer vision software development, healthcare software development, media streaming, and gamification and visualization.

IT experts who focus on finding practical solutions, ushering in the digital age in business and everyday life. They needed help changing the company's mindset from that of "engineers on outsourcing" to that of "experts on consulting," so that customers would bring them problems rather than assignments, and from a human resources aspect, they needed to get staff invested in the company's long-term success.
Retail, Gamification & Visualization, Computer Vision Software Development, Healthcare Software Development, Media Streaming
Our task was to define and clearly formulate what an Exposit is — for ourselves and for the market. This is the only way we will be able to create communications, thanks to which the brand will be known and chosen — by customers, partners, candidates.

We did the rebranding through research and interviews, during which we received the following insights.

The company positions itself as engaged developers who are deeply immersed in tasks, technologies and business.

The excitement of finding solutions, the pleasure of encountering the new and open-midness have shaped the character of the brand – curious enthusiasts.
The main insight of the research is "the company values inclusion in people the most." Therefore, they decided to build a team that is fully involved in their business. Also, customers quite often mentioned in their reviews that the company was maximally "hands-on" in solving their problems, because it does not leave the client alone with the challenges of the business.

Thus exposit: Hands-on IT-development agency was born.
We were able to design a new corporate identity that satisfies the criteria of minimalism, simplicity, modularity, dynamism, structurality, and organization after conducting a global benchmarking study of competitors, analyzing the company's culture, holding a 6-hour design session, and determining positioning. As a result, we were able to increase the value we brought to the table by turning the level of service into a tangible good, distinguishing ourselves from similarly situated rivals, and forging a united front in the face of adversity.
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