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Custom software development experts for Insurance, Real Estate, Hospitality, Healthcare, Education, and Finance.


AIS Novation is a global service provider with over a decade of expertise in the US, European, Australian, and markets. They are experts in complex web, mobile, insurance, blockchain, fintech, ERP, booking, education, and e-commerce solutions. The company has offices in five different countries.


AIS Novation came for a reason: to sign a significant client in the United States and establish a presence in a new market with a unified and distinctive brand. We found a beautiful metaphor between the work of a developer and the coherence and synchronicity of a symphony orchestra when the name Symfa struck us.


We've done a titanic job of research and strategy for the brand. We created a new visual code for the company, a moving logo that connects not just the internal staff, but also the company and the client. We discovered a noble and natural palette that sets the customer apart from the competition while also adding humanity to the technological brand. We developed a website that stands out from many development companies and it’s a job we’re really proud of.

We used beautiful complex colors, including shades of green that could be described as businesslike and reliable, reflecting the essence of the brand. We added a bright orange accent to refresh and emphasize the guys’ enthusiasm for their work.

Symfa Color Palette

The composition is similar to a mimicry. The new positioning is supported by the equalizer while also striving upward to the result chart.

Symfa Layouts

We designed a website that allows customers to quickly find the services they require while visually distinguishing Symfa from the competitors.

We worked on the range of assets from business cards to the home page. Nothing was left behind.

Symfa Logo Card
Symfa Brand Items
Symfa Brand Item
Symfa Brand Items
Symfa Brand Items

Brand guidelines for those who know what’s good for them.